Tooth of time

	Every human needs to eat,
	every animal needs to feed
	solid front teeth firm to bite,
	to rip crusty corn with might,
	to divide it into clear cut parts
	as shown to us by modern arts.

	Rodents never show a gap,
	a torn off fang grows back,
	but at humans gnaws the time
	with mousey sweets sublime,
	with loss of the protective glaze
	of our technical post modern age.

	With rot in the sour, pale palate,
	muttering and moods spoiled flat,
	missing is the white front wedge,
	their hardness, grip and edge,
	their crisp dream is now doomed
	at the dentist's waiting room.

	The long needle for anesthetics
	induces a short anxiety neurosis,
	quiet drilling gets at the blemish,
	heartily laughs the mirror image,
	heartily after liberating cosmetics
	at all and every culinary artistics.

Udo Frentzen 2016 - 2015
(ananymous source)