Think tank    
    for a better way   
I am a think tank        
with new ideas        
plus ready gains, -   I am an engineer,    
    constructing to order, -   I am a critic to say
        what comes first
Back 20ooo years:       up to mind, -
Let's breed cows        
for milk and meat,   separating the best,  
    maximizing results,   to sound a good idea
        everywhere around
Back 10ooo years:       to ears and voices,
We need richer,        
tastier nutrition,   herdsmen,    
    driving them along,   to praise and question
        as cows spit seeds and gas
Now and to come:       from under their tails,
Follow the progress        
with production for all,  clearing woodlands,    
    feeding fodder,   to rise around the globe
        like a pervading haze,
People won't grasp       where nobody cares,
dimensions above        
one to ten cows,   modernizing,    
    goal programming,   to tightly bottle up
        a greenhouse atmosphere
        as example:
    Think tanks don't    
    point the way.    

Udo Frentzen 2018