These crimes

	These crimes of human depravity,
	Gas chambers and state prostitution,
	These crimes cry out to heaven
	Before the ears of the Lord.

	These crimes cry out to heaven,
	Their permissiveness, silent toleration
	Will not anymore go unnoticed
	Before the patience of the Lord.
	I will turn my light away,
	I will condemn their evil intent,
	Abandon the country to darkness
	Not anymore to see its face.

	In the abyss of intellectual sloth
	Of human capabilities, convenience,
	I will forsake forever my guidance,
	Weeds to cover its towns.

	Their gorges will not see the steps
	Leading to my judgement throne,
	Alone who walk humbly in Spirit
	I gather as my peaceful sheep.

Udo Frentzen 1991 - 1992