To put on paper,
	To describe a man on his way to work,
	I sit on the steps of the market column
	Under the marble eyes of the patriarch.
	It is an early warm afternoon, I search ...
	Am I ready to note?
	What do critics say?

	To pick up details,
	I scrutinize passers for about twenty yards,
	But my curiosity hangs on a difficult case,
	A man, sitting in a sidewalk café opposite,
	Motionless, open shirt, behind an empty cup.
	What can I report?
	As a narration?

	To be representative,
	A picture by paper, pen and color is better,
	The man, still calmly waiting, fully relaxed,
	Eyes hardly visible behind tainted glasses,
	Is viewed at a glance, more penetrating.
	Is the topic up front?
	Is it communicable?

	To be comprehensive,
	A picture has four cut borders and no depth,
	The man, who maybe orders another coffee,
	Who doesn't reflect the bussing life of town,
	Might be a studio arrangement, an illusion.
	Can he be touched?
	Investigated closer?

	To round the statue,
	The man there is elevated on a pedestal,
	For everyone to cycle from close, far off,
	What the figure is thinking, up to, is open,
	Only me at center of this spacious square
	Could walk over
	And ask.

Udo Frentzen 2019