5 Minutes Slam

	Excuse me
	That the time limit
	Has already expired.

	Mm... is lightning,
	Mm..., mm... is an idea,
	Further down we cannot think,
	that is our margin.

	We burn it
	And buy it every day,
	Gas to consume
	And CO2 to produce.
	We can't add up,
	Nature needs geological times
	For her resources to regenerate.
	Mm..., mm...,
	We can't multiply,
	Actions extend, intertwine
	Till consequences explode.

	We demand them
	And use them every day,
	Jumping on the fast engine
	To drive back and forth.
	We add up exactly,
	Cars need interval maintenance
	To function reliably.
	Äh..., äh...,
	We multiply exactly,
	Calculating costs for customers
	To profit with each mile.

	We love them
	And tolerate it every day,
	Four-leggers to pull us behind
	And their breeds' presentations.
	We can see exactly,
	Domestics need regular care,
	To accompany us in health.
	Mm..., mm...,
	We can't understand,
	Fauna develops genetic variability
	To differentiate in species.
	We greet them
	And discuss every day
	Life style with acquaintances
	And inconvenient financing.
	Most people can't see,
	Humans require weekly training
	Not to lose top shape.
	Mm..., mm...,
	Most people can't understand,
	Community is based on justice,
	A step against hostile winds.

	Mm..., that's one's self,
	Mm..., mm... is its image,
	Further down we cannot see,
	These are our senses.

	No excuse,
	That our times
	We don't outlast.

Udo Frentzen 2011 - 2012