Power Plots

	We make a profit from our labors.
	We employ our knowledge and skills,
	Recruiting into our corporation,
	Institutionalizing our social system,
	Prospering: Le système, c'est moi.

	We surf with the crest of waves.
	We enjoy unscathable privileges,
	Owing the media with her stories,
	Blue collars don't have any say,
	Spelling out: La réalité, c'est plaisir.

	Where shall we march from here?
	Where to shall we turn our attention?
	Persecute them and their children,
	Letting everything hang out below,
	Deciding: Liberté toujours.

	Hit teams work with clandestine sciences,
	Turning their attention to monies earned,
	Poisoning slowly their eat, drink and wear,
	Stealing their perverse self, life and future,
	Confirming: Unité de la g&ecric;nealité.

	Our trickeries are our Achilles heels.
	Sparrows in droves jostle on rooftops,
	Call with the voices of the slaughtered.
	We have no place to go,
	But to run for the ropes.        

Udo Frentzen 2012 - 2011