Poetry Guide

	My old one-sentence poetry guide told me:

	'Start out:
	Choose a great theme and a great emotion
	And wrap it into a well done execution.'

	Be introduced to:
	The world theater of exciting spectacles in
	The pantheon of human gods, mute idols and illusions,
	Listing all great men and their achievements.

	This rejected,
	My position is:
	Follow stringently the lines of forces in
	A kaleidoscope of jumbled perspectives.

	Be introduced to:
	Forces grow out of intentions and conceptions in
	The minute up to the meso- and macro-scales,
	Where a merit is put into the budding motion.

	My new one-sentence poetry guide runs now:

	'Start out:
	Choose a sound heart and a true vision
	And wrap it into a well done execution.'

Udo Frentzen 2017