I am the Lord your God
	Who has given His only Son
	For the redemption of sins.
	Outside my given guidance for man
	There endures no lasting life
	And I will demand account
	Not alone of actions, but of thoughts.

	I am the eternal word of light,
	Enter not to burn, but to see,
	Be born anew out of my Grace
	To pass its peace among you.

	My word is wholesome food,
	It ripens high in the mind,
	Separates good and evil ways.

	My word is forgiveness,
	It lays out its paths plainly
	To guide all erring souls.

	Both reflections of my kingdom,
	But none will see my light,
	Unless in the spirit of humility.

	Transgressing my given guidance,
	Perpetrators have judged themselves,
	First hypocrites in plain suits,
	Guilty of pretence and crime,

	And abominators without choice
	Will run for their ropes,

	But I gather my humble sheep.


Udo Frentzen 1995- 2018