I am the Lord your God
	To whom all things are known,
	Who counts all hearts and minds.
	Outside my given guidance for man
	There endures no lasting life
	And I will demand account
	Not alone of actions, but of thoughts.

	As I reveal eternal truth through love
	In the unity of all mankind,
	Man discerns his mind, his truth
	Alone with a benefit in his heart.

	Those observing an ear of corn
	Will measure, plant a whole field
	To feed the neighboring towns.

	Those discovering a spark of beauty,
	Pure in contemplation, eye and means,
	Will rise, communicate to all.

	Both reflections of my kingkom,
	But none will hear my word,
	Unless in the spirit of humility.

	Transgressing my given guidance
	Mirth will be broken trough lie,
	Sloth besmear all thought,
	Ambiguous designs self-destruct,

	And words will turn into cries,
	Catastrophes suffocate the planet,

	And silence alone be left.

Udo Frentzen 1991- 2012