I am the Lord your God,
	Who rules over all creatures
	From beginning to end of time.
	Outside my guidance for man
	There endures no lasting life
	And I will demand account
	Not alone of actions, but of thoughts.

	As I extend my healing hand in love
	In equality to all mankind,
	Man recognizes his earthen place
	Alone with penitence in his heart.

	He yields property and knowledge
	To people from the nearest, furthest,
	My dearest are but the disadvantaged.

	He searches, heals and defends
	Each in torture mutilated, lost,
	Or but I will refresh the oppressed.

	Both reflections of my kingdom,
	But none will find its peace,
	Unless in the spirit of humility.

	Transgressing my given guidance
	Life will be fouled by guile,
	Hate rise as the dominant sword,
	Extortion strangle all breath,

	And objects will turn into weapons,
	Death begin its march of crimes,

	And terror alone be left.

Udo Frentzen 1991- 2018