I am the Lord your God,
	Who created heaven and earth
	And all living things in it.
	Outside my given guidance for man
	There endures no lasting life
	And I will demand account
	Not alone of actions, but of thoughts.

	Man discerns his holy image
	And nature given limits
	In his own heart and mind
	Alone in the fear of the Lord.

	My creation provides sustenance
	For those who seek shelter
	In their zeal to find the way.

	My creation provides joy
	For those who seek knowledge,
	In works to glorify my name.

	Both reflections of my kingdom,
	But none will gather the fruits,
	Unless in the spirit of humility.

	Transgressing my given guidance
	Man will not anymore be man,
	His heart a depraved chimera,
	Mentality exudes spite,

	And earth not anymore be earth,
	Water dehydrate,

	And toxins alone be left.

Udo Frentzen 1991- 2018