'Do not enter this house.'
	It reads above the door.

	'Explored by the thread
	Is this ground plan',
	Tells me Ariadne's offspring
	Hypsipyle: 'Look ahead:

	Behind the entrance
	You have no more light
	From above or below:
	Gone is one dimension.

	Behind the corners
	It grows dusky grey,
	You grope along the walls:
	Gone the second dimension.

	At the closing stone,
	The pedestal of nothing,
	You stop in darkness:
	Gone the third dimension.

	You don't grasp a bit,
	Grasp again in vain,
	Dead in your tracks:
	Gone the fourth dimension.'

	'Thanks, Hypsipyle, back:'
	Out of a camp of misery
	I rescue one human life,

	Ship to an isle with palms,

	Sleep beneath the sky.

Udo Frentzen 2015