Inner Voices

Slowly, my head amasses,
what Here and Now can't do,
my volition step by step,
	I train from the bridge up high,
	spit in a barge, dash across,
	where overloaded it sinks away,
		relieved that it proved too little,
		I gulp neither delight nor remorse,
		but add in spite determination.
To volatile traces of the senses,
which like In and Out evaporate,
my memory claws on tightly,
	how do I put them down in words,
	work around at the torso's limbs,
	delete, add point for point,
		tempted by clamoring hues,
		I cut neither in cheers nor disgust
		the drive down to temperance.
Now my sails are unfolding,
fly disinhibited Up and Away
along geological time spans,
	with a handful of methods,
	data are checked, errors corrected
	down to the last causal chain,
		free from the brain's kaleidoscope
		emerges color after color,
		woe, if not in modesty.

Udo Frentzen 2018