Help Wanted
	At the gates of Your vineyard I inquire:
	Is any job there, fitting my hands?

	What did you learn? - Poetry.
	What did you do last? - Not much.
	Come, enter onto my larger grounds.

	Do you see the steep hills and vines,
	Do you see the dark forests beyond,
	The stony wastes and pollution?

	Who will work, but my servants?
	Here are your working clothes:
	Old shirt, pants, cap and solid shoes.

	Get ready,
	Here are your working tools:
	Word, pen, paper and Multi Media.

	Set to work,
	First, where it is the most urgent today,
	Where the biggest rocks need to get out:

	Truth has to break through lie,
	Persistence to break through spite.       

Udo Frentzen 2009 - 2012