A white, docile bull in king Agenor's herd
	At Sidon's guarded Mediterranean shores
	Playfully invited to be pulled by its horns,
	Until shepherdess Europe climbed its back,
	But by disguise was carried off to Crete,
			Showing Zeus.

	A real touching story with a grain of salt,
	As Heathen Priests calculate their magic,
	Answering changed situations always new.

	To mediate endlessly escalating violence,
	Only analysis enlightens hostile situations,
	An extra question enlarges comprehension.

	Theseus had to kill Europe's first son Minos,
	Foreboding Aigeus threw himself into the sea,
	The Greek and Roman swords were overrun,
	Colonialism and slavery were superseded,
	2 World Wars show planetary catastrophes
			To come.

Udo Frentzen 2015