Down river

	Running waters reflect our ways in life,
	Ripples in the river, waves in the ocean,
	Stars in the sky are close up distances.

	The road to God seems measurable,
	Sky up? - Sky down? - - No, up river,
	Ambulating here green and alga rich.

	His Words from afar quietly advise us:
	Steadily climb up to the sources of life,
	Where the brooks are clear and blue.

	Row with diligence against the current,
	Don’t let yourself be carried backwards,
	At night set up your tent near by shore.

	Long, fast boats aim straight down river,
	Packed with heads, goods and weapons,
	Hurry by with fancy, flapping pennants.

	Continuing on as stubbornly as of ages,
	Their captains follow the same compass
	That led up to colonies and world wars.

	They gush on down over narrow falls,
	Wide circling around pale, grey eddies,
	'Nev' back' now unveils the black flag.

	The kings and presidents of our times
	Steer at massive planetary catastrophes
	To drown in desolateness, steel and sand.

Udo Frentzen 2016