What are your mental horizons, but cynicism,
	What your thoughts, but crumbling scaffoldings
	Of ashes, your feelings, but snake thrown scales?
	My word is the only word of truth.
	Transgressing my given guidance for man,
	You do not acquire lasting sustenance
	And I will demand account
	Not alone of actions, but of thoughts.

	You have rejected everything that is divine,
	None of your achievements are in my name.
	What are your palaces, but black marble
	Swallowing light, your progresses septic scars
	Under linen, your labors adits of depravity?

	You have rejected the balms of my Grace,
	Choosing the delights of illusions' grimes.
	What are your institutions, but elevators from
	The sutterain, your social conventions deflections
	From vice, your altars plates polished mute?

	Your evil practices convict you,
	You operate gas chambers as a social sport,
	You release your children into sate prostitution,
	Your paths of propaganda, atrocities
	And self-deceptions leading back,
	With your own hands to press out your eyes,
	With your own nails to tear out your entails,
	Tongues torn, you mutter your pains.        

Udo Frentzen 1993 - 2012