↓ Steps of cognition    
↓ Ask    
Consult your own eyes    
There is nobody to guide   → On a teacher's front lawn
       dangles a weather rock:
       when dry, it's nice
       when wet, it's rainy
       when swinging, it's windy
↓ Watch    
Take a position up high    
Let the trains pass by   → A journalist at the arena
       lingers behind the net:
       when lax, it's zero to zero
       when slapping, it's one to nothing
       when off again, it's final
↓ Note    
Go to your lab of images    
Centrifuge their essence   → An editor points by thumb
       what is fit to print:
       when new, it's up
       when old, it's down
       when general, it's flat
↓ Research    
Pin point the snakes' fangs    
and their long winding tails   → A professor adds in chalk
       the social pros and cons:
       when conform, it's in
       when critical, it's out
       when foreign, it's maybe
↓ Check    
All steps in tern will reflect    
Who am I ?    

Udo Frentzen 2018