After separation

	After a long, forced separation, I see you again,
	Embracing your heart, bundling, untangling your hair,
	A second puberty revealed physiologically a two part
	Gland, regulated by one sympathetic nervous system.

	From night to night, I begin a new story,
	'I am now tired and have heard this one before'.

	From pole to pole, we live our independent lives,
	We both work and together just make ends meet.

	From end to end we grant each other freedoms
	And send us kind, patient and moral support.

	From youth to age, our love is a weak, fragile bond,
	Our first decisions in life are basic religious ones.

	Our great human love is restrained to a kiss,
	We pray, may He imbue it with lasting breath.       

Udo Frentzen 2011