8th Semester

	In the last term
	I once tried the remaining paternoster
	to give my views a finishing frame.

	First going down
	through the basement loop,
	Pandora, congratulating, jumped in:
	‘As good as done!’

	On the first floor I asked:
	‘Do you need some pesticides?’ –
	‘Archaic instincts, rituals
	to go for.’

	On the second floor I demanded:
	‘Let me look at them close up.’ -
	‘Colored posters of hypocrisy
	and silent crimes.’

	We went up
	through the glass-tower loop,
	where a sunray glanced in,
	and down again.
	I got out to sit down,
	to get up, out, not to graduate, -
	to find myself
	at another place
	in another tongue.

Udo Frentzen 2021