4th Semester

	After four terms,
	arriving as usual at the venerable building,
	I chose the high tech lift of another wing
	to widen my interdisciplinary horizon.

	First going down
	through the basement loop,
	Pandora, whispering, jumped in:
	‘Let us proceed!’

	On the first floor I asked:
	‘Does the box always refill?’ –
	‘Ancient myths, illusions,
	to perpetuate.’

	On the second floor I slashed in:
	‘Don’t open your box too long.’ –
	‘Some convenience science
	pleases everybody.’

	We went up
	through the glass-tower loop,
	where you overlook the region,
	and down again.
	I got out to shuffle along
	the length of the floor
	to regain my calm.

Udo Frentzen 2021