1st Semester

	As a student
	I dreamt a lot.
	On my first day
	I walked into the new-gothic building
	into a two up paternoster of each wing
	of the three major scientific faculties.

	First going down
	through the basement loop,
	Pandora, smiling, jumped in:
	‘Now let’s ascend!’

	On the first floor I asked:
	‘What do you got in your box?’ -
	‘Ancient myths, superstitions,
	to build upon.’

	On the second floor I broke in:
	‘Don’t open your box too far.’ -
	‘A few pseudo-scientific concepts
	will do the job.’

	We went up
	through the glass-tower loop,
	where the skyline pops up,
	and down again.
	I got out to attend.

Udo Frentzen 2021